Sanctions Profile: Tunisia

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The EU imposed sanctions on Tunisia at the start of 2011, by Council Decision 2011/72/CFSP and Council Regulation (EU) No 101/2011, following the Tunisian Revolution which led to the ousting of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

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The sanctions impose asset freezes on those identified as being responsible for the misappropriation of Tunisian state funds. There are no UN sanctions on Tunisia.

Summary of Current EU Sanctions:


  • Asset freeze

Designation Criteria

People identified by the EU Council as being responsible for the misappropriation of Tunisian State funds, and people, entities, and bodies associated with them.


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EU renews Tunisia sanctions for 1 year & de-lists Mabrouk

Today (29 January), the EU extended its Tunisia sanctions for 1 year, until 31 January 2020, targeting those responsible for the misappropriation of Tunisian state funds. The EU also removed Mohamed Mabrouk from that sanctions list (he recently failed in his application to annul his 2017 and 2018 listings before the EU General Court – see previous […]


EU Court upholds Mabrouk’s Tunisia sanctions re-listings

The EU General Court has upheld Mohamed Mabrouk’s 2017 and 2018 renewed listings under the EU’s Tunisia sanctions, targeting those responsible for the misappropriation of Tunisian state funds – judgment here: T-216/17. The Court rejected (inter alia) the applicant’s claim that the duration of the judicial proceedings in Tunisia (since the beginning of 2011) infringed […]


EU renews all listings under Tunisia sanctions regime

The EU has renewed the listings of all persons and entities (and amended one entry) under its Tunisia sanctions list until 31 January 2019, namely, all those appearing in the Annex to Council Decision 2011/72/CFSP (as amended by Council Decision (CFSP) 2018/141) and in Annex I to Council Regulation (EU) 101/2011 (as implemented by Council Implementing Regulation […]

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EU intends to renew Tunisia sanctions

The EU has announced its intention to renew the restrictive measures provided for in its Tunisia sanctions regime, see: Council Decision 2011/72/CFSP and Council Regulation (EU) 101/2011. The EU Notice states that the Council holds on its file “new elements” concerning all persons listed under the regime, and that they may submit a request to […]


EU Court rejects 2 Tunisia cases

The General Court has rejected 2 applications to annul listings on the EU’s Tunisia sanctions, brought by Sirine Ben Ali and Mohamed Mabrouk. Links to judgments here: T-149/15 and T-175/15, both of 5 October 2017.  These are the regimes the EU imposed in 2011 on those said to have misappropriated Tunisian state funds. The Court […]


Current Sanctions



Council Regulation (EU) No 101/2011

Parent Regulation

Council Regulation (EU) No 101/2011

Amended by:

Council Regulation (EU) No 1100/2012

Council Regulation (EU) No 517/2013

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 735/2013

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 81/2014

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/147

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/111

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/149

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/137

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/132


Council Decision 2011/72/CFSP

Parent Decision

Council Decision 2011/72/CFSP

Amended by:

Council Implementing Decision 2011/79/CFSP

Council Decision 2012/50/CFSP

Council Decision 2012/724/CFSP

Council Decision 2013/72/CFSP

Council Implementing Decision 2013/409/CFSP

Council Decision 2014/49/CFSP

Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/157

Council Decision (CFSP) 2016/119

Council Decision (CFSP) 2017/153

Council Decision (CFSP) 2018/141

Council Decision (CFSP) 2019/135

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 (Commencement No 1) Regulations 2018

Sanctions Review Procedure (EU Exit) Regulations 2018