Sanctions Profile: Mali

At a glance

UN sanctions on Mali were first imposed in September 2017, by UN Security Council Resolution 2374.

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UN Panel of Experts on Mali publishes its mid-term report

The Panel of Experts on Mali, which is tasked with overseeing the implementation of the UN sanctions regime, has submitted its report to the UN Security Council.  It suggests that 2 designated people continued to travel throughout the reporting period in violation of the travel ban imposed under resolution 2374 (2017). Press release here.


UK publishes Mali sanctions guidance

The UK has published guidance relating to the Mali (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations, which comes into force on 11pm on 31 December 2020. The guidance covers best practice for compliance with prohibitions and requirements, the enforcement of regulations, licensing, and circumstances where the regulations do not apply. See here for more guidance on UK sanctions regimes.


UNSC renews Mali sanctions for 1 year

The UN Security Council has adopted Resolution 2541 (2020), which renews until 31 August 2021 its Mali sanctions (asset freeze and travel ban). The mandate of the panel of experts overseeing the sanctions regime has also been extended until 30 September 2021. The sanctions target those alleged to have impeded the implementation of the Agreement of Peace and Reconciliation in …


US renews Mali sanctions for 1 year

In July 2019, the US adopted Executive Order 13882, which declared a national emergency in respect of Mali. The E.O. imposed sanctions on those responsible for actions or policies that threaten the peace, security or stability of Mali, in light of repeated violations of the 2015 Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation. President Trump has extended those sanctions for 1 year …


UK post-Brexit Yemen and Mali sanctions regulations

The UK has published regulations under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 on Yemen and Mali, which will come into effect at the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020 at 11pm. The regulations will revoke and replace the current UK regulations giving effect to UN Security Council Resolutions 2374 (Mali), and 2140 and 2216 (Yemen). …

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Current Sanctions



Council Regulation (EU) 2017/1770

Parent Regulation

Council Regulation (EU) 2017/1770

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/8

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/116


Council Decision (CFSP) 2017/1775

Parent Decision

Council Decision (CFSP) 2017/1775

Amended by:

Council Implementing Decision (CFSP) 2019/29

Council Implementing Decision 2019/1216

Council Implementing Decision (CFSP) 2020/9

Council Implementing Decision (CFSP) 2020/118

The Mali (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, (SI 2020/705)