By Maya Lester KC & Michael O’Kane

Sanctions Profile: Maldives


US sanctions members of ISIS and al-Qaida in Maldives

This week, OFAC listed key leaders and financial facilitators of ISIS and al-Qaida in the Maldives.  20 ISIS, ISIS-Khorasan, and al-Qaida operatives, and 29 associated companies were designated (press release, press release, notice), including: members of the Addu City cell, an ISIS-affiliated cell based in Addu City, Maldives, including its emir, Jinaau Naseem; members of the Maldives-based criminal gang Kuda …


Third countries align with EU restrictive measures concerning the Maldives, Ukraine and Crimea

In June 2019, the EU adopted the following measures: Council Decision (CFSP) 2019/993, repealing Decision 2018/1006/CFSP, which revoked the EU’s sanctions regime in the Maldives; Council Decision 2019/1108, which prolonged sectoral sanctions against Russia for 6 months; and Council Decision 2019/1018, which extended existing sanctions against Russia for 1 year in response to the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol. Yesterday …

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Current Sanctions

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