By Maya Lester KC & Michael O’Kane

Sanctions Profile: North Macedonia


OFAC Balkans’ related designations

Today, OFAC updated its Balkans-related Designations. It added 7 individuals and one entity to OFAC’s SDN List as well as made several deletions. (Notice & Press release) The following individuals have been added: GRUEVSKI, Nikola; MAROVIC, Svetozar; MIJALKOV, Sasho; NDROQI, Ylli Bahri; RAKIPI, Aqif; SARAJLIC, Asim, TADIC, Gordana, The following entity has been added: I.C.I.C. KFT. (a.k.a. I.C.I.C. LTD.), Bocskai utca 9, …

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EU threatens sanctions on Macedonia

EU officials have raised the possibility of imposing targeted sanctions, including travel bans, on Macedonian politicians blocking progress towards resolving a year-long crisis in Macedonia. In February 2015, the opposition party in Macedonia published what it said was evidence of widespread government corruption and, in response, the government accused the opposition of treason and espionage. EU & US diplomats reached...

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North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia

Current Sanctions

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