Sanctions Profile: Liberia


EU lifts Liberia sanctions regime

The EU has lifted its arms embargo on Liberia, terminating the remainder of its Liberian sanctions regime. This decision implements the UN Security Council’s resolution to lift its own sanctions against Liberia in May (see previous blog). The EU joined the UN in lifting its asset freezes and travel bans on Liberia in October last […]


UN lifts all remaining sanctions on Liberia

The UN Security Council has lifted its arms embargo on non-state actors in Liberia, terminating the remainder of its Liberian sanctions regime. In Resolution 2288, the Security Council welcomed the sustained progress made by the Government of Liberia in rebuilding Liberia for the benefit of all of its citizens in the wake of the civil […]


US lifts sanctions on Liberia

The United States has lifted its sanctions on Liberia, in force since 2004 under Executive Order 13348, that imposed asset freezes on former Liberian President Charles Taylor, people belonging to his immediate family, his close associates or officials of his former regime, those who have been involved in the unlawful depletion of Liberian resources, and […]


UN and EU lift Liberia asset freezes and travel bans

The EU has terminated its targeted asset freezes and travel bans against former Liberian President Charles Taylor and people associated with him, following a UN Resolution ending UN targeted sanctions against them and others undermining the peace and stability of Liberia last week. The UN sanctions, implemented by the EU, were introduced in 2003 & 2004 in response […]


EU sanctions on Liberia updated

On 15 March 2014, the EU made certain changes to its sanctions regime against Liberia, in the light of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2128 (2013). The UN resolution renewed the UN arms embargo against Liberia and granted a 12-month mandate extension to a monitoring panel of experts. Council Decision 2014/141/CFSP amends Common Position 2008/109/CFSP and gives […]


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