Sanctions Profile: China

At a glance

The EU imposed an arms embargo on China (excluding Hong Kong) by a Council Declaration at the Madrid European Council on 26/27 June 1989, in response to what the EU described as the “brutal repression” taking place in China.

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US N Korea & China listings for exporting workers

OFAC has designated a North Korean trading corporation, Korea Namgang Trading Corporation (NTC), and Beijing Sukbakso, a lodging facility, under Executive Order 13722 for having engaged in, facilitated, or been responsible for the export of workers from North Korea, in order to generate overseas revenue for the N Korean government. NTC is said to have been involved in the logistics …

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US Congressional Commission recommends human rights sanctions against China

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China’s 2019 Annual Report calls for sanctions against China in response to alleged human rights abuses, citing as areas of concern China’s “crackdown” on the press, restrictions on worker rights, and potential crimes against humanity against the minority Uighur population in Xinjiang. The report recommends Magnitsky sanctions be imposed against businesses and officials complicit in the …


US Commerce Dept tightens restrictions on AI exports

The US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has published a final rule, amending the Export Administration Regulations, to restrict exports of artificial intelligence used in geospatial applications, for instance, in the detection and classification of objects from planes, drones and satellites. For reasons of national security, the final rule imposes a licence requirement on the export and …


OFAC issues General Licence relating to Cosco Shipping Dalian & 3 amended FAQs

OFAC has extended the general licence related to Cosco Shipping Tanker (Dalian) Co Ltd until 4 February 2020. General Licence K-1 supersedes and replaces General Licence K in its entirety, and authorises the maintenance or wind down of transactions involving, directly or indirectly, Cosco Shipping Tanker (Dalian), or any entity owned 50% or more by them. OFAC Notice. OFAC has …

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US House approves Uighur Human Rights Act calling for sanctions on Chinese officials

The Uighur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019 has been approved in the US House of Representatives (407-1), and will now be passed to the Senate for consideration. The Act calls for the imposition of targeted Magnitsky sanctions against senior Chinese officials, including the Xinjiang Party Secretary Chen Quanguo, who are credibly alleged to be responsible for human rights abuses …


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Declaration of European Council, Madrid, 26/27 June 1989