Sanctions Profile: China

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The EU imposed an arms embargo on China (excluding Hong Kong) by a Council Declaration at the Madrid European Council on 26/27 June 1989, in response to what the EU described as the “brutal repression” taking place in China.

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Huawei accuses US prosecutors of overlooking HSBC sanctions violations

In a letter submitted to the Eastern District of New York’s District Court (seen by Reuters), Huawei has alleged that US prosecutors overlooked sanctions violations by HSBC in exchange for cooperation in the Huawei investigation. Following a 5-year deferred prosecution agreement concluded in 2012 with the US DOJ for Iran sanctions evasion, Huawei alleges HSBC continued to process Iran transactions …


US Commerce Dept renews Huawei licence for 45 days

The US Department of Commerce has extended a temporary general licence (TGL) to Huawei and 114 non-US affiliates for 45 days, effective until 1 April 2020. See Final Rule. The Press Release says that the TGL allows companies and individuals time to identify alternative sources of equipment, software and technology not produced by Huawei or its affiliates, whilst allowing existing …


US DoJ indictment alleges Huawei violated Iran & N Korea sanctions

A superseding indictment has been returned in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, charging Huawei with violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). It includes allegations that Huawei and its 4 subsidiaries violated US, EU and UN sanctions against Iran and N Korea through involvement in business and technology projects. The activities included arranging for shipment of …


Semiconductor manufacturer under investigation for Huawei transactions

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has disclosed in a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing that the US DOJ has commenced an investigation into the company’s compliance with export control regulations relating to transactions with Huawei. Huawei and its affiliates were added to the Commerce Department’s Entity List in May 2019 on the basis of their potential risk to national …


5 US citizens charged with selling sanctioned Iranian oil to China

The US DOJ has announced that 5 US nationals have been charged with 1 count of conspiring and 1 count of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). From July 2019 to February 2020, the defendants allegedly arranged to purchase Iranian oil to sell to a refinery in China and for the oil to be shipped to the refinery …

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Declaration of European Council, Madrid, 26/27 June 1989