Sanctions Profile: Bosnia & Herzegovina

At a glance

EU sanctions on Bosnia were first imposed in 1997, by Common Position 97/193/CFSP, and consisted of a travel ban on three people said to have been involved in violent incidents that occurred in Mostar municipality on 10 February 1997. The three people are no longer subject to sanctions (measures were lifted on 20 March 2018 under Council Decision (CFSP) 2018/458).

The UK adopted The Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 in 1 January 2021.

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EU renews Bosnia & Herzegovina sanctions & mandate of Operation Irini

On 29 March 2021, the EU adopted Council Decision (CFSP) 2021/543, which renewed its sanctions measures concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina for 1 year until 31 March 2022. No-one is listed under this regime, but it allows the EU to impose targeted measures on those determined to be undermining the sovereignty in Bosnia and Herzegovina, seriously threatening the security situation there, …

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UK issues guidance on 4 sanctions regimes

The UK government has published guidance relating to the following 4 sanctions regimes: The Cyber (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, Guidance; Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, Guidance; Lebanon (Sanctions) (Assassination of Rafiq Hariri and others) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, Guidance; and Nicaragua (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, Guidance. The guidance covers best practice for compliance with prohibitions …

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UK Brexit regulations on Bosnia & Herzegovina and Nicaragua

The UK has published regulations under the Sanctions and Money Laundering Act 2018 on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Nicaragua, which will come into force on “exit day”, currently 11pm on 31 December 2020. These will revoke the current EU regimes and replace them with UK versions of the regulations. See UK section on this site for all post-Brexit sanctions regulations …

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US State Dept travel ban on Bosnia & Herzegovina politician

The US Department of State has imposed a travel ban on Amir Zukic, a former member of the House of Representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina and General Secretary of the Party of Democratic Action, on the basis of his alleged involvement in significant corruption, which has “undermined the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Mr Zukic’s immediate family is …

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Third countries align with EU Bosnia & Herzegovina and Egypt sanctions

On 23 March 2020, the EU Council adopted Decision (CFSP) 2020/435, which renewed its sanctions regime on Bosnia & Herzegovina for 1 year (see post). North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Georgia have aligned themselves with this decision. The countries listed above, as well as Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Norway, Ukraine and Moldova have also aligned themselves with the …

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Current Sanctions



Council Decision 2011/173/CFSP

Parent Decision

Council Decision 2011/173/CFSP

Amended by:

Council Decision 2012/158/CFSP

Council Decision 2013/134/CFSP

Council Decision 2014/157/CFSP

Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/487

Council Decision (CFSP) 2016/477

Council Decision (CFSP) 2017/607

Council Decision (CFSP) 2018/459

Council Decision (CFSP) 2019/467

Council Decision (CFSP) 2020/435

Council Decision (CFSP) 2021/543