By Maya Lester KC & Michael O’Kane

China sanctions US defence entities

In accordance with its Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law (AFSL), China has announced sanctions on 2 US defence corporations for supplying arms to Taiwan (press release).  According to the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation directly participated in a US arms sale to Taiwan announced on August 24 as the principal contractor; and
  • Northrop Grumman participated in several US arms sales to Taiwan.

Beijing did not specify what measures it will take against the 2 entities, but pursuant to Article 6 of the AFSL, if an entity is included on the AFSL “Countermeasure List”, the State Council is entitled to adopt a range of measures, including:

  • seize, detain, and freeze movable and immovable property in China belonging to the entity;
  • prohibit the entity from conducting transactions in China and cooperating with Chinese entities; and
  • “other necessary measures”.

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