By Maya Lester KC & Michael O’Kane

Sanctions Profile: Counter-narcotics


OFAC designates Sinaloa Cartel operators

Yesterday, OFAC designated 3 Sinaloa cartel operators (press release, notice): Alfonso Arzate Garcia and his brother, Rene Arzate Garcia, both indicted in the US for drug trafficking, who allegedly manage the cartel’s drug trafficking operations in Tijuana, Mexico, and carry out enforcement operations, such as kidnappings and executions; and Rafael Guadalupe Felix Nuñez, indicted in the US for drug trafficking, allegedly …


OFAC sanctions North Macedonian businessman and drug traffickers

Today OFAC designated Jordan “Orce” Kamcev, a North Macedonia businessman, who the US Treasury says engaged in corrupt activities, including the Vodno Land Parcels scheme, where he allegedly purchased land using public money (press release, notice). OFAC also designated 4 individuals for international drug trafficking (press release; notice): Othman El Ballouti, Younes El Ballouti, and Youssef Ben Azza, Belgian nationals who allegedly …

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Current Sanctions

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